Think of MYAA This Way

We hire the staff and have backup staff in place to ensure 100% coverage at all times. We provide our Myaas with all of the relevant tools they need to ensure your success We make sure your Myaas are trained and focused on meeting your needs.

You manage a Myaa just like you manage the rest of your staff; as if they are down the hall. You get to know your Myaa; their favorite ice cream flavor, kids' school, and music style. The same way you get to know your in-house staff. Myaas become an integral part of your team.


I am a dedicated, motivated and aggressive leader who is committed to excellence in all that I do. I am a Myaa and there is no other way to be.


Our mission is to empower our clients and simplify their life by providing cloud-based manpower that result in higher productivity, profitability, and a better quality of life.


Myaa will be the premier provider of cloud-based manpower services worldwide.